Wooden Balance Stones


Originally from Japan, they are called Tumi Ishi, which means "stackable stones". This object will amuse both the youngest and the oldest. How high can you stack them? This is a much bigger challenge than with blocks at right angles, and all kinds of elegant and mysterious shapes can be created. They serve the imagination of children, transforming into cargo, rocks in a setting etc.

It is a magnificent object that can be left visible in your living areas, and which will undoubtedly become one of the favourite games of the family and your guests.

Each stone is cut from wood scraps and then carefully sanded, one facet at a time freehand.

Included: 12 stones of various sizes (the stones differ slightly from each other because they are entirely handmade) and a linen storage bag made in Quebec with cotton rope made in Canada

Each stone has a size that varies between 6x4cm, 10x4cm to 14x4cm and each bag contains 12 of various sizes

Made in Canada