Tawny Owl Bird Call


‘Ou, ou, ou', fill the air with the hoot of the tawny owl.

Did you know the tawny owl is the only owl present on every continent on the planet?

 These bird calls have been handmade for many decades by Monsieur Francois Morelle and the Quelle Est Belle company. The simple and beautiful designs are handcrafted from natural materials, and are a wonderful educational toy for any nature lover to imitate the sounds of different birds of the wild.

Like a musical instrument some do require a little practice. English instructions are enclosed in each box.


Hold bird call and seal the hole at the top of one hand, and with the index finger, on the other seal the hole in the tip.
Blast. A call. (Silence, wait a few seconds. 3. 4, 5, 6, 7,).
Blow then jerks flexible. Open the hole at the top.
"Hululez" playing on the opening of the tip. Finish by lengthening - tremble.

"Ou - ou ou ou "

Instructional Video


Materials: Nontoxic lacquer and natural wood.

Age: 6+

Made in France