Stabilo Power Max Markers


Introducing the STABILO power and power max fibre-tip pens for little aspiring artists. They offer either an M-tip or XL-tip and washable ink that will last without a cap for up to eight weeks* without drying out. Yes, that’s eight long weeks you will have to find that cap!

The STABILO power max are fibre-tip pens with a color-rich application that is ideal for children who sometimes forget to replace the cap. Both fibre-tip pens have an extremely long cap-off time – up to 8 weeks without drying out! They are thus the ideal solution for the heavy demands of a playroom. They have either a robust an XL-tip which is push resistant to ensure durability. The inks are washable to give peace of mind. Little artists will love using these fibre-tip pens in infinitely creative ways.

Set of 12