Nuthatch Bird Call


These bird calls have been handmade for many decades by Monsieur Francois Morelle and the Quelle Est Belle company. The simple and beautiful designs are handcrafted from natural materials, and are a wonderful educational toy for anyone in the family to imitate the sounds of different birds of the wild.

Like a musical instrument some do require a little practice. English instructions are enclosed in each box.


When time is water, Nuthatch said "Puiiii" sigh to rain.
With bird call , it is possible to imitate his usual cry "tUi-tUi-tUi."
Hold bird call as a pipe. Blow short "tUi-tUi-tUi." Try to create a his lifetime, beginning with a (t), a summit (U) and end (i), both separate and mixed. The Nuthatch talks a lot.



Materials: Nontoxic lacquer and natural wood.

Age: 6+

Made in France