Monarch Butterfly Temporary Tattoo


Monarch butterfly temporary tattoo, an original design, hand-drawn with black lines with pops of white ink!

One of the most iconic butterflies in North America, and the beloved official state insect of my home state of Texas. This magnificent butterfly is known for its massive seasonal migration across North America to Mexico, where they gather on fir trees in fluttering orange plumes to wait out the cold weather. Their pattern is a bold orange and black with white spots on the wingtips, which serves as a warning to hungry predators. Monarchs store toxins from the milkweed plant in their bodies which makes them poisonous. This magical creature's population is rapidly dwindling, one thing you can do to encourage their population is to allow wildflowers to grow which provides nectar for adults, and you can find out which type of milkweed plant to grow in your area as food for the caterpillars.

This butterfly tat wingspan is just over 3.5 inches.

Lasts 2-5 days! • Water resistant! • Comfortable and safe!

These temporary tattoos are non-toxic, FDA approved for cosmetic use, and are tested annually to meet (and exceed!) regulations in the US, Canada and Europe.