Mallard Duck Bird Whistle


‘quack, quack, quack', fill the air with the sound of a duck!

It's fun imitating ducks, but hard to speak duck language. This bird call is ideal for young ones with a serious sense of humour.

Beautiful, lovingly hand crafted wooden bird calls that are clever, unique and make the perfect educational toy for both nature loving children and adults.

For many decades Monsieur Francois Morelle and Quelle Est Belle company have been developing and creating these incredible bird calls. Each one creates the perfect sound of a different wild bird. Like a musical instrument some do require a little practice. English instructions are enclosed in each box.


"Coin coin", it is too simple. Hold the bird call tightly in hand against the palm. Open by pronouncing "Coi coi coi," while blasting slightly several times.

Instructional Video


Materials: Non-toxic lacquer and natural wood.

Age: 6+

Made in France