Can You Hear The Trees Talking?


Based on the international bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees, this interactive and fun introduction to the forest shares outdoor activities kids can do on their own or with parents—plus quizzes, photographs, fun facts, and more!
 Did you know that trees have parents and grandparents who have wrinkles? Did you know that tree kids go to school for hundreds of years? Did you know about the forest internet? Did you know trees make us healthy and strong? Sometimes, even trees get sick, but we can help them get better.Can You Hear the Trees Talking? shares all the mysteries and magic of the forest with language and learning tools that kids will love and understand. Featuring simple activities kids can try on their own or with parents, along with quizzes, photographs, and more, this wonderful book encourages at-home learning and fun as kids discover the wonder of the natural world outside their windows. 
By Peter Wohlleben |