Our Story

The Wonder Cabinet

  A wonder cabinet (also known as a cabinet of curiosities) is a term that emerged in the 16th century to describe an entire room dedicated to a collection of objects, including enchanting pieces from the natural world. When it comes to collecting, children are instinctive at finding the beauty and magic in everyday treasures, and gathering pieces that evoke curiosity and imagination - and we wanted to create a space that encourages just this!
  The Wonder Cabinet is a modern retelling of a classic children's store. It is a simple space inspired by nostalgia, whimsy and adventure to encourage a child's imagination and invite a sense of wonder into everyday play. We choose charming, unique and handcrafted pieces from all over the globe that empower little ones to explore the world around them and create their own magical worlds too. We love to find and offer pieces will stand the test of time and can either be passed on to other children or kept as heirlooms for the next generation.

About Us

  Founders Susan and Jessica are the mother/daughter team behind The Wonder Cabinet. With two young children/grandchildren growing up and exploring in the West Coast of BC, we have witnessed the imagination, creativity and sense of adventure that little ones are instilled with when given the freedom to play in a simple and natural setting. We were inspired to start a collection that sparks wonder, encourages development, empowers exploration, and brings beauty and magic into homes and play spaces. 

  We are conscious of the mark we make on the world when it comes to the environment and people's well-being. We choose pieces that are ethically made with the environment in mind from companies that hold similar values and have sustainable practices. We are happy to be carrying beautiful handcrafted work by individuals, and family run businesses. We attempt to be as earth conscious as possible through the reuse of packaging and materials, and printing all of our marketing products on recycled paper. It's important to us that this is an inclusive space and we strive to carry toys, books, and supplies that represent and inspire all families to explore, learn and play together. This is all a work in progress as we source product to represent many different children, and include images and content that responsibly reflect cultural inclusivity. We are always open to feedback on what we can do better, and would love to hear from you via email at hello@thewondercabinet.com