Skipping Rope


These skipping ropes are made of the highest quality climbing rope (soft but very strong!) with an ergonomically designed beech wooden lacquered handle.  Thanks to a special technology to attach these handles the ropes always turns easily and smoothly. Skipping ropes come in a variety of colours - if you are hoping for a specific colour, send us a note at checkout and we'll do our best (or else it will be a surprise!)


Small: Recommended for child of of height 95 - 115 cm tall | Approx. ages 3-5

Medium:  Recommended for child of height 115 - 135 cm tall | Approx. ages 5-8

Large: Recommended for child of height 135 - 155 cm tall | Approx. ages 8+


Made in Germany.

Note that skipping ropes vary in colour and may be different than the images